AURA Hot & Cold

AURA Hot & Cold Dispenser with RO , UV , UF , TDS
Purification Capacity : 80*Liters / Hour Max.
Duty Cycle : 800 Liters / Day
Storage Tank Capacity : 20 Liters
Storage Dispenser Capacity : 05 Liters
Filter Cartridges : Activated Carbon (2piecse)
Filter Cartridges : Sediment (1 piece)
Filter Cartridges : UF (1 piece)
Filter Cartridges : Mineral (4 piece)
Ro Membrane : 1812-80 GDP (1 pieces)
Stages of Purification : 10 Stage Fully Automatic
Min. Inlet Water Pressure : 0.3 Kg / cm2
Input Voltage : 160 - 230 V AC (50 Hz)
Operating Voltage : 24 V DC
Net Weight : 20 Kg.
Warranty : 100 % - Depending on Service Contract.

AURA Water Dispenser with hot & cold with RO, UV , UF & TDS. efficiently serve hot, normal and cold water instantly after pushing the buttons. We have designed these dispensers in a compact form which make them easy to use, sleek and eco friendly. These can easily be placed on the ground and are widely utilized in various canteens, offices and many other places. These dispensers provide pure, hygienic and healthy drinking water by completely removing the impurities from the water


  • No more storage or awkward lifting of heavy bottles.
  • Unlimited Hot and Cold Purified water at the touch of a button.
  • Compressor with unlimited warranty.
  • Connects easily to water line.

Economical: Without the use of Mineral bottles, it saves your monthly cost up to 70 to 80 % *.


  • Transparent Cover with water level indicator.
  • Double Purification by RO + UV +UF with TDS controller.
  • Fully Automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off.
  • Purify any source of water like Underground water, bore-well, overhead storage tank, tanker water

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